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Mattias Adolfsson | Arte Limited


Mattias Adolfsson lives in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm, Sweden, but works all over the world. Mattias has an Masters of fine arts in graphic design at HDK , School of Arts and Crafts Gothenburg. He has been a professional 3d artist since 1995 when he left school making his first animations for music videos and film, then involved in making computer games. Mattias restarted his drawing when starting a sketch blog in 2006, which since then has been one of the most visited sketchblogs in the world and has given him freelance work from all over the world. He has made several soloexhibitions with his artworks.

91-96 HDK, School of Arts and Crafts. 89-91 Architect school Chalmers. 87-88 KTH Royal technical college.

Selected exhibitions
2007 Hung by the sticky bits, UNTIL NEVER Gallery Melbourne Australia. 2007 Exhibition Sigtuna. 2006 Galleri Kaustik.

2006 Pick of the week, Illustration Friday. 2002 Winner, Polygon prize Statue, “the little Voice”. 2001 Nominated, 3DFestival, Characterdesign. 2000 Nominated, Big Kahuna Award, Characterdesign. 2000 Nominated, Polygon Prize 2000. 1999 Nominated, Kinetix Contest. 1999 Winner, 3dArk 3dcontest, Characterdesign. 1999 Winner, 3dArks 3dcontest, Stillimage. 1999 Winner, Serious 3d Christmas Competition. 1998 Winner, Big Kahuna Award, Characterdesign. 1997 Nominerad, Big Kahuna Award, Gamedesign. 1996 Winner, Cap&Design, Illustration. 1995 Winner, Cap&Design, Illustration. 1994 HDK-stipendiat. 1994 Winner, Cap&Design, Posten brevpappersdesign.

Here at Arte Limited we sell limited edition giclée prints by Mattias Adolfsson. The artworks are printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper 308 gsm, and comes with a signed and numbered certificate. Please click on a picture for more information.